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Local Programs

Local Programs adopted by LWVPFA

Local Programs Adopted by LWVPFA

Non-Partisanship: Support measures to strengthen non-partisanship in Park Forest government.

Parks: Continue monitoring park facilities in Park Forest.

Fair Housing: Support the Community Relations and/or Human Relations ordinances in Park Forest, Matteson, Richton Park and University Park.

Home Rule: Support continuing Home Rule in Park Forest.

Advisory Commissions: Support our position that the purpose of advisory commissions and boards in Park Forest and the Villages of Matteson, Richton Park, and University Park is to set goals and offer informed advice to the Village Boards of Trustees.

Regional Cooperation: Support groups working for regional cooperation in the areas of economic growth, the arts, diversity, education and workforce training, environment, planned growth and development, and housing in the Southland.

Holding Dual Offices: The League of Women Voters of the Park Forest Area (LWVPFA) supports the concept that an individual should not simultaneously HOLD local public offices which have been determined to be incompatible either by a prohibition in statutory law or case law or determined to be incompatible in an Illinois Attorney General's opinion. If incompatibility is suspected, it is appropriate for LWVPFA to investigate if the offices in question are incompatible. The LWVPFA supports education on this subject for the public as well as current and potential office holders. Education efforts should be on a continuum from informing the public and candidates prior to an election to, if necessary, informing a board that a vacancy should be declared if the situation warrants. The LWVPFA supports enactment of stricter legislation to prohibit individuals from holding local public offices simultaneously where incompatibility exists.